Commitment and Hightlights

At Scandinavian Fashions, our commitment takes precedence over everything else. We believe that our success is a result of our commitment to product quality and environment.

  • Our first commitment to our clients is QUALITY and TRANSPARENCY.
  • By ensuring timely supply of raw materials, and other required sources, we are able to strictly adhere to our delivery commitments.
  • By establishing an effective communication system, we enable easy access to our suppliers and customers. Our operations are conducted with awareness for environmental safe guards.
  • It is our obligation to prevent pollution by complying with relevant environment legislations.
  • We constantly aim at enhancing , environmental awareness, amongst our employees, and also our suppliers.
  • We follow ethical environment practices and adhere to applicable state, national and international laws on labour employment.

With our boundless endeavour to comply with the requisite status and regulations imparting continous training to our employees and establishing effective communication systems, we strongly believe we could accomplish our commitments.